Wrap Around Care - Breakfast, Snug Bugs Nursery, After School + Holiday Clubs
Out of School Clubs

Breakfast Club
 only £4 including breakfast
7:30am - 9am
The focus at breakfast club is to encourage the children to start the day in the best way, with a healthy breakfast and activities that stimulate brain activity including indoor and outdoor games.
We can drop children off at a variety of local schools so it is worth getting in touch to see if we are able to go to yours.
7.30am - 8am: Eat-as-much-as-you-like breakfast! We have something to cater for everyone's needs!
8am- 8.30am: Outside free play if weather permits or in the clubhouse otherwise.
8.30am - 9am: Go to local schools by privately arranged transport!
After School Club
£12 per session including meal or £4/hour
3pm - 6pm
During the after school club, we try to help the children to wind down after a hard day at school or nursery but only after they have had lots of fun first!
We encourage games outdoors and also in the school's enclosed grounds, which includes a football pitch and a new wooden train. We have lots of outdoor toys, including bikes, scooters, trikes, skateboards, rollar blades and even a few green machines (if you have never heard of them, look at the photos or google it - they are a lot of fun!).
If the weather is bad, we have lots to do inside as well so boredom is never a problem!
The range of activities there is a list below of some of the things we do but it is not an excessive list we always try new (and usually inevitably messy) activities, depending on what the children feel like doing.
3pm - 3.30pm: Collection from schools by privately arranged transport.
3.30pm - 3.45pm: Snack Time!
3.45pm - 4.15:pm Outside play in enclosed school grounds with outside toys!
4.15pm - 5pm: Play, activities and homework in the clubhouse!
5 pm- 5.30pm: A healthy home-cooked 2 course meal around the table making sure it is a perfectly balanced meal.
5.30pm - 6pm: Play in the clubhouse until home time!
Holiday Club
 only £10 per session
8:30am - 12:30pm and/or
1pm - 5pm
(Care from 7:30am - 6pm is available on request)
Holiday club runs every weekday during the school holidays. Two sessions are available so you can bring your child along to either one or both. 
There is a healthy home-cooked 2 course meal at 12:30pm or children can bring their own packed lunch to eat at the table with the other children if they prefer.
As holiday club involves longer hours, there is the option of going on outings from time to time. So far, we've been to lots of local parks and skate parks, Wingham Wildlife Park, the beach and to see the lambs to name only a few.
7.30am- 8.30am: Setting up
8.30am - 10am: Play in the clubhouse (activities are made available to the children throughout the day i.e. cookery and nature walks).
10am - 10.30am: Snack Time
10.30am - 11.30am: Outside play within the school grounds with outside toys
11.30am - 12.30pm: Play in the clubhouse
12.30am - 1pm: Home-cooked lunch available or bring a packed lunch!
1am - 2.30pm: Play in the clubhouse
2.30am - 3pm: Snack Time!
3 am- 4pm: Outside play within the school grounds with outside toys
4 am- 5pm: Play in the clubhouse
5 am- 6pm: Packing away and home time
All of our out-of-school clubs have a range of activities on offer including the following:
Supervised access to secure school grounds (playground, large field and football pitch)
roller blades
Green Machines
indoor games and sports
PlayStation 2
Computer (with restricted internet access)
themed play area
(hospital/office/ classroom etc. swapped around regularly)
home area
contruction toys (K'Nex)
cars and garage
football and pool table
air hockey table
dolls and prams
animal and farmyard
arts and crafts
pre-reading / reading activities
 Quiet homework area
Contact Us
Get in touch if you want to talk about any of the sessions we offer or if you want to come and visit us.
We are more than happy to see what we can do
for you and your child.
Manager: Gill Harris
Work Phone: 01304 613753
Address: The White Barn
Northbourne CE Primary School
Coldharbour Lane
CT14 0LP
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